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Dr. Hans Le Fever, Director of eNovITe


* Experience: 22+ yrs Shell, on the interface of business

   and IT; 6 yrs with start-up of consulting companies


* Primary focus: Creating sustainable business

   improvement using Internet and IT technologies.

* Philosophy: "You can learn from anyone." I did from

   Strategos (Gary Hamel) & Digital4Sight (Don Tapscot).


* Being thorough but pragmatic.


* Consulting style: Focussed on transfering

   knowledge and facilitating internal resources.


Dr. Math Kohnen,  Associated Director

* More than a decade hands-on innovation management.


* Designed and managed Shell's Gamechanger program

  - a seed-capital process that stimulates and nurtures
  breakthrough business innovation.
* Assisted client companies in building a systemic  
   innovation capability to reinvent their core business
   and to find new market opportunities.

* Designed and facilitated Idea Generation Workshops.

* Coached innovators to progress business/technology
   ideas into compelling business plans and beyond.
* Majority of experience accumulated in industries:
   Advanced Materials, Automotive, ICT, Life-sciences,
   Metals and Mining, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Pulp & Paper,
   Recycling and Telecom.

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