Completed Projects & Teaching

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Venture Challenge workshops & coaching

NGI Venture Challenge fall 2009

NGI Venture Challenge spring 2009

NGI Venture Challenge fall 2008

Deltares Business Development workshops spring 2008

NBIC Venture Challenge Spring 2007

IT Consultancy Projects

SAP implementation reviews: review of implementation progress, identifying risks and recommending mitigation strategies (several organisations).

Outsourcing Review: midway review of transfer phase of outsourcing in major engineering company.

Information Strategy: review of strategic and tactical information options for the Amsterdam penal court.

Digitization opportunities in finance processes (PtP - Purchase to Pay and OTC - Order to Cash).

eBusiness Strategy study for upstream Oil & Gas company

Field Mobility Project for Operations & Maintenance

IT Strategy Study for a Wind Energy Company

(Academic) Lectures, Workshops and Seminars
Strategy: Formulation, Content and Context (Leiden University, MSc classes 2nd delivery fall 2009).

Managing & Leveraging ICT  Infrastructure
(Leiden University, MSc classes 5th delivery during oct-nov 2008).
In 12 modules students are emersed in key IT Management issues: technical aspects like architecture and integration, operations processes, up to strategic levels, e.g. spend justification and competitive advantage. Many real life cases. Click for detail.

GRIP on IT: one day seminar for the CFO/CEO level managers or non-executive directors. Learn in 1 day how to break through the jargon of technicians with sharp questions and checks on investment proposals or programme reviews.

  *  Handhelds in the Field: What's so special about it?

  *  Models in the Oil&Gas Industry,

     World Oil & Gas Technologies 2001, vol.1 ISBN 1 85938 228 2

  * SME Strategy for the e-World,

       World Oil & Gas Technologies 2001, vol.2, ISBN 1 85938 360 2


Work that eNovITe has been associated with
  *  Ajaib - A Case Study Of An SGML/Intranet Development 

 The WISDOM of working on the Web

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