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Commitment and Values

eNovITe's experience is based on many years of involvement in technology innovation. The common thread through all these years has been transforming existing business practices by introduction of new information technology. In this process three factors were most important:

  • The feasibility of the customer value proposition
  • The business case or Return On Investment
  • The implementation aspects, in particular change management

Most of the leading experts in this area reside in the US or UK and I have established excellent working relationships (see associated companies) and gained necessary qualifications to apply their methodologies and ways of thinking.


Looking to the past, I have seen the emergence of several new technologies. I have experienced adoption curves: from early adoptation to hype to disappointment over implications and constraints, and the final business breakthrough. I'm committed to share this insight with my customers.


My main values are:
  • integrity and independence of commercial suppliers
  • thorough investigation of all relevant aspects (technical, non-technical, internal,external, hard, soft, etc) 
  • flexibility and adaptibility to client wishes and constraints.
I believe these values have led to continued satisfied customers.

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